I have been working out with Mpower Fitness for over 8 years! Michele is an amazing and dedicated trainer and has a true passion for health and fitness. She makes the workouts fun yet challenging and I am always impressed how she can individualize the training for each of her clients.  I feel that because of her, I am living a healthier lifestyle and I honestly look forward to working out.

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I wouldn't be where I am today without Mpower Fitness! I've been with Michele for almost 8 years and it has been an amazing journey! She has inspired me in so many ways as both a mom and trainer. Training at Mpower has taught me a lot about perseverance and hard work, and most importantly Michele has also taught me that it's ok to be "me"! 

I like the variety of training techniques Michele uses. She keeps it fun, interesting and challenging! Michele is very creative with techniques that really target certain areas. I appreciate that Michele pays close attention to form to prevent injuries. I am able to confidently work out on my own and not worry about hurting myself. She has empowered me to be able to modify exercises based on my body's needs. I've tried a few of those fad work out DVD's and I find they push too hard and go to fast. If you didn't know what you were doing, you could seriously hurt yourself! I enjoy working in small training groups. It's fun to work out with your friends!

They keep you accountable too! I look forward to these mornings. I also prefer to exercise outside. I enjoy the scenery and fresh air. I would highly recommend Mpower fitness! I love the camaraderie in our group. I look forward to being sore in all the right places!  

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Have you ever been out to lunch with a girlfriend and silently wondered to yourself, “Why does she look so healthy and fit?  Have her arms always looked that trim?  What’s she doing with her workout that I’m not?”

Well, that was me two years ago as I sat having lunch with my girlfriend, one of Michele Gillman’s long time clients.  I didn’t know it at the time, and it took me a while to get around to asking the questions directly.  I’d spent almost 10 years behind a corporate desk and had added at least as many pounds to my 5’3” frame.  I felt sluggish, out of shape, unhealthy, and frankly, unhappy with the way I felt and looked.

I began my journey with Michele in September of 2011 after purchasing a beginners package that my “fit friend” told me about.  After avoiding regular exercise for several years, I admit it was challenging at first.  But I learned quickly that Michele is an EXCELLENT MOTIVATOR and instructor.  More importantly, Michele EDUCATES all of us on how to maximize workouts on a limited schedule and especially helps me manage my diet (I have a huge sweet tooth!) through insightful advice, healthy recipes and constant encouragement.  After my initial package ran out, I renewed with her and have been attending Mpower classes ever since.

Michele’s workouts are invigorating, challenging and creative (did I mention FUN?).  She changes things up every class and does an excellent job of tailoring routines to all fitness/strength levels and limitations.  She’s helped me set realistic goals for myself and regain my physical self-confidence. More importantly, Michele brings together a diverse group of women who have grown to love exercise and each other.  Mpower days are the best days of my week!

Michele, my friend, you are the best!!



I am a 55 yr old woman who after going through menopause at 42 gained 20 lbs. I started working out and spent thousands of dollars on a personal trainer and Pilates classes. I thought I was eating well. I literally could not lose 1lb and I felt sluggish, shame and hated the way my clothes fit. ( or rather didn't) Michele was my sons soccer coach and I loved her approach. Very positive and saw the child as a whole not just a part of the team. When she said she was embarking on fitness training I knew I wanted to try her out but more importantly I said to myself " if this doesn't work, then nothing will because I've tried everything there is. I started 7 years ago with MPower training and made a commitment that I would give it 110% and that I would give it some time as well. I had rheumatoid arthritis in my 20's and have a very fused right ankle and mid foot as well as a shoulder replacement done 8 yrs ago so I have always been cautious when dealing with people who want to train me. Most are not aware of how to deal with a client with injuries. So when I started I was a 49 yr old post menopausal wife and mother with some physical challenges and 20 lbs extra on my frame. I am so content now in my body and Michele and Mpower literally changed my life. It's a whole philosophy of mind, body and soul that she teaches and I have found nothing but support, nutritional guidance (that works in my busy life) accountability and fun. The injury prevention part of her coaching is amazing as she watches each one of us on our form as we do our moves. I think it's the way Michele views health and fitness and the client as a whole that is what sets her apart from anything I did before training wise. It's not about the scale, it's about how you feel. As someone who used to dance and have huge body image issues that has been so liberating. I  did lose the 20 lbs and it took patience but I haven't weighed in a long while so don't know what it shows but I know I feel like Im finally back home in my body again and not at war with it. Thank you Michele there are no words for someone who helped change your life. 


This testimonial is a little different than others considering my Mpower trainer is also my daughter.  I can say that Michele has always been a goal oriented person, even at a young age.  She knows how to set a goal and then she does everything in her power to accomplish it. Michele also doesn't look at her job as being JUST a trainer.  She truly has a passion for helping women find their inner strength and confidence.  Owning her own business allows Michele to train her clients the way she feels is appropriate, which satisfies the "independent" part of her.  She uses her background in school and her personal experience as an athlete to better train her clients.  Although she was not a Physical Therapist, she has a background in that field which allows her to keep a close on us as we train.  She is a "stickler" on form and doesn't let us cheat!  From childhood Michele has always loved helping others and (as her mom) I'm so happy to see her fulfill her passion by helping women in the way that she does. Michele is NOT like every trainer!  She has a unique ability to make modifications for each of us within a group training session, which makes those of us with pre-existing injuries feel assured we are being taken care of.  She also makes the training challenging, yet fun!  Of course I might be a bit biased (as an mom would be), but I see the joy training and coaching brings Michele and without a doubt I see the impact she is making on her clients' lives.  I am proud to call her both my trainer, as well as my daughter.