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Hi there… I’m Michele!

I’m a passionate Weight-Loss and Transformation Coach specializing in helping fabulous women (35+) break-free from a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, negative self-talk and body bashing! I can help you find lasting weight-loss and kick ass confidence in your body without restrictive diets, calorie counting or crazy exercise! I’m also a Certified Personal Trainer, so Mpower Fitness is your “one-stop” shop for creating powerful change in your body, your weight AND your life!


WEIGHT-LOSs/transformational COACHING

  • Mpower Weight-Loss coaching takes a WHOLE-istic approach to losing weight, combing nutrition, exercise and mindset so you get results that last!

  • Lose weight FOR GOOD without calorie counting, restrictive diets or living at the gym.

  • You’ll discover why you haven’t been able to lose weight AND what will really work for you.



  • Maximize your results with a customized program designed just for you

  • Offers an unparalleled level of focus and commitment to YOU!

  • Train at our location or I can come to you



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visionboard WORKSHOPS & parties

I have been creating vision boards for over 25 years and I'm excited to share them with you. Whether you attend an Mpower Vision Board Workshop or host your own private Vision Board Party, I will help you discover how this powerful tool can help you create change and attract your ideal outcomes in any area of your life.

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Truth be told, my real love is in VLOGGING, not blogging so you might get more videos than blog entries! Either way I hope you'll jump over to my BLOG PAGE to get exercise and nutrition tips, watch Mpower videos and read about whatever other fitness/mom/empowerment "stuff" I throw your way!



I think it sends a powerful message about what Mpower can do for you when you hear it straight from clients!  Click below and read more from women who know first hand what it's like to get "Mpowered!"