Fitness Lifestyle Coaching


Michele works one-on-one with each client to provide motivation, guidance and accountability!  You won't find any restrictive diets, calorie counting or meal plans at Mpower, just a "real world" approach to integrating exercise and balanced eating into your busy lifestyle. FDKFJDJFDSJFDJFDJFFJDKFJDKFJJFDJFJFDKJFFJFJFJDFJADLKJFDJFDJFLJFSDKLFJDJFLFJFJDJFDLFJDLKFJDFJDKLFJDLFKJDFJDSALKFJDSKLFJDSLJDSFJDKFJDSKFLJDSFLJDSFLKJDLFKJDFLKJDKLFJDLFKJDLKFJDSALFJDSLKFJDS.


30 Minute Session

 $25 - Phone

 $40 - In Person (Mpower location)


60 Minute Session

$45 - Phone

 $60 - In Person (Mpower location)