Mpower Celebrates Her 10th Birthday!

Today is Mpower’s 10th birthday! Wow… a decade in business!

Many of you have been on this wild ride with me since the beginning and know my story, but for some of you… I’ll share a glimpse of how it all came to exist.

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From 1999 to 2009, I was 100% an at-home mom. To be more accurate, I was an at-home mom that was never really at home! I had two VERY active sons that kept me going in a million directions… volunteering in classrooms, getting them to after-school activities and of course feeding growing boys and doing tons of dirty boy laundry (which was full-time job all by itself)!

A decade ago, when my youngest son started kindergarten, I was crazy enough to add onto my “mom plate.” So much of my life was dedicated to meeting the needs of my sons (plus a husband), I felt like I needed something for myself.

I always believed in being the happiest and healthiest I could be, but I found that difficult at times when so much of my life was dedicated to meeting the needs of others. I loved it… but it was often stressful, overwhelming and chaotic! Although I had established good boundaries in my life, I was struggling to be there for everyone else and yet maintain some sense of balance, good health and happiness for myself (mom friends… does this sound familiar?).

When the thought of working outside our home came up, I didn’t want to just work to work. I wanted to do something I could and would be passionate about. I knew it had to be something that involved motivating, inspiring and helping others, so I spent time looking back on my path in life and started exploring what would be a good fit for me.

Here are some important highlights that came up:

  • From the time I was a small child, I was always very athletic. I loved sports (tennis, soccer and track were my favorites) but you could pretty much throw any sport at me and I could pick it up quickly. Health and fitness were always part of my life!

  • I began college as a PE major hoping to become a Corporate Fitness Instructor (didn’t know exactly what that was at 18 years old, but it sounded really cool).

  • Freshman year I switched my major to Psychology and loved it! Even at a young age, I was fascinated with the psychology behind human thoughts, behaviors and emotions!

  • After college I sold pharmaceuticals, worked in Physical Therapy and earned a Teaching Credential and Master’s in Education.

Why mention these as highlights?

Because each one of them played an instrumental part in my decision to become a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in injury prevention and a Coach focused on helping women increase their confidence from the inside out, find a fulfilling work-life balance AND enjoy freedom from body bashing and emotional eating.

I took my love of all things health and fitness, my sales experience, my degrees in Psychology and Education, my work in Physical Therapy and created a business that I like to think has made a difference in the lives of my clients.

Over the past 10 years, Mpower has definitely evolved. As a business owner, I am always trying new things… still not always easy for an “evolving perfectionist!” Some ideas work, many do not, and I know that I’ve often learned more from my mistakes than I have from my successes. I’m happy to say each year in business has brought me more knowledge, experience and confidence as both a woman and an entrepreneur.

Someone asked me the other day how I planned to celebrate Mpower’s milestone bday and without pausing I answered, “simply to keep doing what I’m doing, by supporting and helping women create healthier and happier lives.” With that being said, there also might be a glass of champagne involved as well:)

The greatest gift to me is to be able to help make a difference in my clients’ lives. It may have taken me 38 years to officially find my passion and purpose, but I’m grateful for every moment that led up to it and every moment since then.

Whether you have been on this crazy ride with me for 10 years or you are new to our Mpower tribe, I want to “thank you” from the bottom of my heart and I celebrate this milestone WITH YOU!