Mpower has BIG NEWS!

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For many people the new year brings motivation, renewed hope & energy… for Mpower it brings BIG NEWS!

One of my dirty little secrets in business is that I’ve always said, I don’t like “sales and marketing." I looked at it as something forced and inauthentic, but that was really just about allowing my fears to keep me from putting myself out there more.

I finally realized (last year) that marketing, at least for me, is all about mindset and how I choose to approach it. If I FEEL like I’m selling you products and services, then you will most likely sense it in me. If however, I just BE MYSELF and put myself out there in the most authentic way I can, then I will connect with the women who want my support.

That realization was my epiphany for 2018 and something that has allowed me to communicate the following with confidence, excitement and without hesitation or fear.

The reality is everyone knows me as a Trainer. In a private and small group setting, I help women improve their strength, balance, flexibility and of course we throw in the cardio as well. I’m very proud of this amazing community of women that motivate, support and look after one another! Mpower is known for injury prevention and I’ve worked very hard to keep my clients safe AND consistent with their training.

The other (and much less known) piece of Mpower’s existence for almost 10 years has been COACHING. In a nutshell, coaching basically involves the diet/nutrition, mindset/mental approach, motivation and accountability aspects of helping my clients. You could say it’s EVERYTHING except the 60 minutes I spend training clients.

If I’m being really honest and without taking anything away from my work as a Trainer, at my core I am a Coach! It’s taken me over 9 years to be able to openly communicate that within my business, because I thought I might confuse people about what I do… but it was really just my fears about defining myself as a Coach.

My coaching does NOT fit any ONE category, so… “what kind of Coach am I and what do I call myself?”

I’ve always known what I do for my clients but the OCD/evolving perfectionist in me needed to define myself better as a certain kind of coach. Basically, in my crazy hot mess head I needed to give myself a damn title!

What I DO know is, my coaching involves:

  • Motivating clients and holding them accountable (all from a place of love, support and compassion).

  • Helping women create REAL transformation in their body, mind and life

  • Guiding them on nutrition (but without calorie counting or restrictive diets).

  • Helping them stay consistent with their exercise (without them actually needing to be a training client of mine)

  • And… of course I help them with mindset, which is really one of my superpowers!

In case anyone reading this thinks I’m ditching my training… no way friends! I’m still going to be kickin booties as much as ever, I’m just ready to officially expand Mpower and say loud and proud…

I am a passionate Weight-Loss and Transformation Coach specializing in helping fabulous women (35+) break free from a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, negative self-talk and body bashing to find lasting weight-loss and kick ass confidence in their body without restrictive diets, calorie counting or crazy exercise!

I know that’s a mouthful, but it’s the truth!

At the end of the day, it really does NOT matter what kind of Coach I am or what title I use. It’s about what I can do for the women I work with!

One of the things that has always frustrated me is when someone tells me “I would love to work with you if you weren’t so far away.” Coaching allows me to work with anyone, anywhere at anytime and THAT is a very cool thing! I’ve never actually believed I have to physically train someone in order to help them lose weight, get in better shape or make powerful changes in life. I love the freedom, flexibility and adventure that coaching give me too, so I’m really excited to see where this takes me!

Mpower is celebrating its 10th anniversary in a few months and now is the time for me to really step into my identity and role as a Coach, while still embracing the Trainer in me!

I’ve always walked the walk and talked the talk, so I think if I’m going to “coach” my clients to own their power to step into their greatness, then I have to be willing to do the same!

It still feels a little strange to announce this “big news” now, because coaching is not new for me. My college roommate recently told me, “what do you mean 10 years experience… you’ve basically been coaching for 30 years!” I think coaching is just something you do, even when you aren’t officially doing it. It’s who you are… IT’S WHO I AM:)

SO… that’s it my friends!

I appreciate EVERY one of you and I want to THANK YOU for continuing on this crazy journey with me!

I see BIG and AMAZING things for all of us in 2019! oxo