Rising Above The Stress

What happens when we get overwhelmed?

We might lash out at others in frustration or resentment? We might play the victim and not own our ability to deal with stress in a healthy way? OR we might lose our shit completely, shut down, and cut ourselves off from everything and everyone?

Life as a busy mom, both professional and at-home can and is overwhelming at times and unfortunately that is just the reality of our world.

I’ve often said if we (as women) were all put on an island with no stress, no one and nothing pulling us in different directions, total freedom to exercise when we want AND eat whatever the heck we want… WE WOULD BE A BUNCH OF HAPPY, HEALTHY, EMPOWERED, CONFIDENT, FIT, STRONG, BALANCED women living our “best life” everyday!


Well, if you find that island let me know because I’m bringing the margaritas! #party

The reality is there is no such island, and stress is an integral part of our lives. We may not always be able to control what stress comes up in our lives, but we DO have control over how we handle it.

Total transparency, I can be a “stressor.” My husband is the calm, more even tempered one in our partnership and I am the rollercoaster! I guess it’s part of what makes us work:)

Personally, I’ve had to work very hard to control my level of stress for my own benefit as well as the health and well-being of those around me.

I know my body VERY well and it reacts to stress easily. Literally within 1-2 days of a high level of stress, I can get flu-like symptoms, a headache or even significant digestive issues.

I realized at one point about 10 years ago that I was living at a level of daily stress that was detrimental to my health and happiness. I was not being the wife and mom I wanted to be. I was not as healthy and strong as I knew I could be. And I certainly wasn’t living my “best life.”

So I changed! I would love to tell you it was an overnight and instant success but that would be a big lie! It has been a journey and continues to be, but I’ve learned to control my stress so that I don’t live with daily overwhelm.

In many ways it came down to one thing… learning to create BOUNDARIES!

I say “yes” to something if I want to and I say “no” if something doesn’t fit for me in that moment. Learning to say “no” for people pleasers can be very difficult but it’s so important if we want to find a healthy balance in our life.

One of the greatest joys I get in working with my clients is helping them create healthy boundaries! I get to witness powerful changes they make so they can live their “best life.”


Here’s to creating healthy boundaries my friends! oxo