Confessions Of An Evolving Perfectionist

When I started this blog 9 years ago, I was determined to use it as a means of communicating my thoughts, feelings, and opinions on a variety of subjects related to diet, exercise and the mom life.  I knew it would be authentic because I honestly don't do well with "faking it" so I knew I would bring ME across in my posts.  I didn't however, count on my "evolving perfectionist" tendencies to get the best of me, and that led to NOT blogging on sooo many subjects that I could have and should have!


Just a few of my fears....

* I've never been very confident in my writing, so in the early years one of my fears was that the English majors would cringe when they read my posts.  I'm still not uber confident in my writing but I'm over worrying about someone judging my use of ("" and ....).

* Despite having a book inside me of things I've wanted to share with women, I would worry that no one really wanted to hear what I have to say. The question in my head was, "who am I to think I can inspire women and even have an impact on their lives?"

* Here's a big one - what if what I say or write isn't taken how I intended it to be?  Hello people pleaser!! Perfect example would be me writing about my own struggles to lose weight or balance my crazy life, and worrying that someone might say "what the hell has she got to worry about?"

You get the feeling!  Welcome to the world of an evolving perfectionist!

Life is a journey my friends and we all are on our own path in this world. NO ONE has it all figured out and don't believe anyone that tells you otherwise... they are full of crap!

2018 has been a year of many changes for me, both personally and professionally and I'm trying my best to stay committed to taking you on the journey with me.  I still have those days when I think no one really wants to read or listen to what I have to say, so maybe I should not publish the blog post, video, etc... out there, but lately that feeling is overshadowed with my need and desire to share who I am, what I do AND what I can do for busy women with anyone that wants to listen.

I have a renewed sense of purpose and excitement in this blog to share not only my thoughts, feelings and opinions, but to share pieces of my life with you as well.  My hope is that you'll find it interesting, helpful or maybe even entertaining (if I REALLY show you who I am)!

Sending healthy hugs to all of you! oxo