Vision Board Workshop


Last Thursday night I hosted a VISION BOARD WORKSHOP for participants of my New Year's Fitness Challenge!  

3 words... WHAT A NIGHT!! (I'll come back to this in a minute)

I've been doing vision boards for over 25 years, which is long before they became famous by celebrities like Oprah and Katy Perry.


I did my first vision board in 1991... and I didn't even call it a vision board.  I called it a photo collage, but it WAS a vision board.  Over the course of approximately 12 months, I trained for an Ironman triathlon and I created my first board to help me prepare for it.  I'm kicking myself now for not keeping that first board, but here is a picture of the end result, or what I manifested out of the vision in that board.

Of course I'm proud of the fact that I  finished an Ironman, but in truth, my greatest pride has always been in the effort I put in, day after day so that I could be physically and mentally prepared to do what it took to finish.

It's funny, I rarely talk about my Ironman experience these days but when I decided to start hosting Vision Board Workshops, the magnitude of that event all came back to me!  It was one of the most pivotal events in my life, and taught me more about my own ability and power to be, do and have things in my life than I could ever mention in one blog post.  

And it all started with a VISION BOARD!

So, what is a vision board?

Here are a few answers:

  • A tool to attract the things in life you want
  •  It teaches you the power of getting clear on what you need, want and value - and then taking aligned action towards those intention.
  • Any sort of board on which you display images that represent what you want to be, do or have in life.

Since I have personally experienced the power of vision boards, I knew I would someday add it to the Mpower repertoire of services. I don't exaggerate when I say I've been collecting magazines in preparation for the 9 years I've been in business!

It's important to point out that the "power" isn't in the board itself.  We don't just stick a bunch of images of island vacations, beach houses and fancy cars on a board, then sit back and wait for it all to magically appear.

The power is in what YOU DO to make your vision a reality!

The power is in getting CLEAR on what you want, need and value, and then taking aligned steps towards those things.

As an added bonus to my New Year's Challenge, participants got to enjoy an evening of getting clear on their visions and intentions.  It was also a time they carved out to prioritize themselves... even if it was just a few hours!

Here are some pics from our fabulous evening...

Highlights of the night for me were:

  • Seeing amazing women take time out of their busy schedules to prioritize themselves. 
  • Watching the night unfold in a beautiful and authentic process.                                                
  • Creating a space for women to come together in support of one another.     

It was a great evening with a group of amazing women, and I can't wait to do more workshops in 2018!

If you would like to learn more about Mpower Vision Board Workshops, feel free to contact me!  I'd love to tell you more about this exciting and powerful new addition to Mpower:)  LEARN MORE