How To Balance Your Diet During The Holidays

It's now December and as we head deeper into the holiday season, it can mean balanced eating and exercise don't even make it onto our priority list! 

I say it doesn't have to happen that way my friends!

Here is a tip to keep your eating on track during the holidays and still enjoy all the fun festivities.


On any given day of the week, you have a much better chance of finding a healthy choice for your breakfast and lunch than you do dinner, so take advantage of that.  Breakfast is what I call the "not so sexy" meal of the day.  We are usually hurrying kids and/or ourselves out the door and don't have time to sit around basking in the glory of a fabulous tasting breakfast, so make it a meal where you eat to fuel your body.  A few great options are oatmeal with fresh fruit, yogurt with granola on top or a quick protein shake.

As for lunch, unless you are going out of your way to have indulgent lunches everyday, you should be able to choose a healthy option for yourself just as you did for breakfast. Pack a lunch if you are working or on the go most of the day and make it a healthy one when you can.

If you can manage to make breakfast and lunch about eating to FUEL YOUR BODY, then you'll create more wiggle room for whatever awaits you in the evening.

Now for the sexy part... EATING FOR FUN!  When you attend a party or holiday gathering, then I say indulge! Eat what you want (that is an official trainer tip)!  That doesn't necessarily mean you have to eat the entire buffet or drown yourself in spirits, but it does mean indulge! 

When you shift your perspective from thinking that life should be a food frenzy until January to one that includes a space for both fueling your body and eating for fun, then you'll not only maintain a good balance with your diet but you will head into the new year without those stubborn extra pounds.

Healthy Hugs to all:)

PS... BONUS TRAINER TIP - if you still have Halloween candy hanging out, it's time to get rid of it!  You CAN always go buy a Kit Kat, Snickers or Reese's if you must, so it's OK to ditch it at this point:)