My Elimination Diet Update - Day 22

I'll start by saying if you have NO idea what diet I'm talking about then I invite you to catch up by watching my VLOG (video blog) entry from Nov. 28th titled Mpower Bares All.  Click HERE to read it!

Now that we are all on the same page, you know that I shared details about the elimination diet I started on Nov. 28th.  This is a 90 day diet designed to help discover more about my food intolerances, which are quite significant.

I said in my original video that I would share details of my journey on this diet, so here is my Day 22 update.

If you know me at all, you know that I rarely weigh myself! Years ago, I worked hard to liberate myself from using the scale as my main source of accountability and I'm so much happier because of that major shift.  I've decided to weigh myself every Monday morning throughout my 90 days on the diet for one main reason.  I want to share with you how that number affects me along the way.  So far, it does confirm my belief that the scale is not a good method of accountability, nor is it an accurate measure of success.

As you can see in the pictures, I started at 143.5lbs. (which actually is about 15-17 pounds more than I usually am, but I can thank my summer of eating, drinking and being really merry for the extra pounds)!  LOL:)

As I've explained, this diet is very restrictive so I knew I would lose weight without much effort by simply eating foods on the diet.  As you'll see below, in my first week I lost 2lbs!  A good rate of weight loss is about 1lb/week, so the fact that I lost two you could say was great but my reaction was "are you kidding me... what the f#%k!" I was sure I had lost at least 4 in that first week, and sure enough when I saw the number I was disappointed! It reminded me shy I stay off the scale!  Basically, it messed with my head!  I did everything right in that first week and I let the number on the scale determine whether I was doing "good" or not!

Fast forward to Day 15 (so after my 2nd full week)... there was the 4lb loss and I didn't do anything different than in the first week, so there ya go!  Sometimes our bodies are stuck and need some time to shift.

Finally, I weighed myself yesterday morning (Day 22) and this time, just a 1lb loss.  No disappointment this time though.  I just took it in stride and knew that next week could be different, so I'm just keeping up with my effort and doing what I need to do.

Oh... in the interest of full disclosure, I did go "off track" last Friday night!  I let myself get too hungry and by the time Adam and I were thinking of what to eat for dinner I was too hungry to care enough to get all the way home to make something.

For now, that's my update on what it's like to be on an ultra-restrictive diet during the holidays!  I would not normally choose this time of year to do this, but I was ready, and to be honest I wanted to share my experience with you (my Mpower tribe), so you will know about the down and dirty as I go through it. People have asked me, "is doing this hard?" My answer is "not really" because of one main belief I have... I CHOSE TO DO THIS.. AND I CHOSE TO DO IT NOW so I'm not a victim and I'm not to be felt sorry for.  I made a decision to do this for my own health, and I just have to put up boundaries when I'm with others who are indulging (as I normally would be in December).

Sharing my personal journey with this is still scary, but I think allowing you to see the reality of what it's like is more important than my fear of doing it.

Until next time everyone... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Healthy Hugs! oxo