How To Tackle Holiday Treats At Work


Last week my blog post was How To Balance Your Diet During The Holidays.  If you missed it, click HERE to read.

After reading that blog post on Facebook, a friend commented about how difficult it is to maintain willpower at work when there are treats everywhere AND everyday! That gave me the idea (thanks Allison) for a follow-up post on how to tackle treats in the office environment during December. 

First, I totally "get" why it's frustrating when others bring sugar-filled treats into the office, but bottom line is you can't control what others do and more than likely every year some people will choose to bring those treats into work.  SO, instead of putting your energy into being frustrated, about something out of your control, try to focus on what you DO have control over.

Of course every office situation is different, but I've come up with a few tips that might help when you feel surrounded with cookies, cakes, donuts and all things SUGAR at work!  Implement them and you just might feel a bit more "Mpowered" during your work day, as well as avoiding those unwanted pounds in December.

1.) If your co-workers can bring treats, why not bring your own?  You can choose to put them in with all the others but I know in some offices this might not be a reasonable solution.  If you're worried your "healthy" treat won't fit it, then just keep them at your desk.  No one even has to know that you chose to do your own thing instead of camping out near the sugar.  Try making a trail mix with nuts and some dried fruit!  It's nice because it travels well and can be eaten easily at your desk or work area.  A homemade trail mix may not be cake, but you will feel like you are treating yourself AND you are avoiding 100's if not 1000's of calories in the lunch room.

2.) It may sound ridiculous, but if possible, try avoiding the treat area altogether.  Again, every office is different, but often the treats are in the lunch/break room so just stay out of there if it's too tough.  If you have to grab your lunch from a fridge, grab it and ask a friend to go somewhere else to eat, go outside alone to eat or just do your own thing and eat in your office.

3.)  So we covered bringing your own, and avoiding altogether but what happens if both those ideas go to h#ll and you find yourself sucked into the vortex of sugar at work?  Take a SMALL amount of whatever is calling to you most, eat it, enjoy the crap out of it... and then MOVE ON!  No regrets, no beating yourself up!  It's December and it's tough, so cut yourself some slack and know that you CAN indulge a bit and be just fine.  It's when you start camping out near those treats for 30 days that adds to your "winter coat."

I sound like a broken record but it comes down to BOUNDARIES AND MINDSET!  If you make it hard, it will be hard, but if you own your power to do what is right for you and let everyone else do their own thing, I promise you will tackle those work treats just fine!

PS - let me know how it goes!

Healthy Hugs!