3 Tips To THRIVE During The Holiday Season

3 TipsTo THRIVE DuringThe Holidays.png

That's right, I said THRIVE during the holidays!  For many of us, it seems like we barely SURVIVE the holidays and often start each new year a few pounds heavier and whole lot more frustrated. 

I'm here to tell you, it does NOT have to be that way!

The holiday season has started! Yes, it officially started after Halloween and with it comes candy laying around the house, more treats brought into the workplace and let's not even get into the holiday parties that we encounter.

With all of these added challenges, it's no wonder we can gain 1-5lbs. over the holidays!

Well I say NO MORE my friends!  Make this holiday season one where you THRIVE, not SURVIVE!



If you go into the holidays thinking your diet is going straight to hell and exercise will just go along with it, then that's exactly what you're going to get! Believe you CAN and WILL manage the holidays with fabulous success and watch how much easier it will be to maneuver the chaos!  Don't worry, I will be by your side every step of the way:)


You are most likely going to indulge more during the holidays and here's a trainer tip you'll appreciate... YOU SHOULD! With that said, if you can maintain some level of consistency with your exercise then you will enter 2018 already ahead of the game.


As your schedule starts to get more and more crazy, it's perfectly acceptable NOT to get in as much exercise or activity.  You may make it to the gym 1-2 days in a week vs your normal 4-5?  You may need to settle for a brisk 20 minute walk vs your usual 45 minute stroll.  SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING, so cut yourself slack during the holidays and get in what you can.

That's it for today my friends!  Hope these tips help you get through this holiday season and enter 2018 ready to rock!

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