Change your approach.Change your life.

At Mpower Fitness it's not about fad diets, gimmicks and hype. It's about taking a realistic and honest approach to reaching your health and fitness goals. As a 40+ wife, mom and entrepreneur, Mpower Fitness Owner Michele Gillman understands the challenges busy women face. Whether it's a never-ending "to do" list, lack of time and energy or limiting injuries it can be a daunting task to lose weight and exercise consistently. A simple change in approach can be all it takes!  Mpower can help you end your battle with the scale, learn realistic ways to integrate exercise and balanced eating into your busy lifestyle and start living the healthy and happy life you deserve.


Success measured in health + happiness.

Mpower's success is only equal to yours. These kind words from clients are the motivation to keep going and affirmation that a positive difference is being made.

"I have been working out with Mpower fitness for almost 6 years. Michele is an amazing and dedicated trainer. She is so passionate about fitness, which keeps me wanting more! She has so much knowledge and advice to share about health and nutrition as well..."

- Nicki Swanson


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Camaraderie.Not competition.

Surround yourself with positive energy in a supportive community, and there is nothing you can't do! Let's face it, living a healthy lifestyle consistently can be difficult when you're flying solo.  Throw in the demands of being a busy professional or at-home mom, and the difficult factor skyrockets. At Mpower you'll get motivation, support and accountability from a community of like-minded women who share your goals and aspirations.


Stay injury free. Get Results.

If you want results, consistency is key! It's difficult though to be consistent with exercise if you can't get past injuries. Mpower specializes in injury prevention and has a reputation for keeping clients safe and consistent with their workouts. Whether it's private, semi-private or small group training, Mpower offers unparalleled supervision and focus on form and technique.



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